Father was granted primary custody of his daughter in the Norwegian court, and they lived in Los Angeles, California. Mother was granted visitation and claimed that father was wrongfully withholding visitation under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. We demonstrated that it was her drug use that prevented her from seeing her children and using the emergency jurisdiction powers of the California Family Code were able to protect the daughter from exposure to a using addict.


California residents agree to a divorce, mother takes the child to Slovakia for a three week vacation, and decides to stay permanently. Father contests the relocation and we file for custody in California. The Slovak courts are reviewing – case is ongoing.


Case # 1

Mother and Father are Los Angeles California residents who split up, mother takes the child to Canada for a vacation, never returns. Father files for divorce in California and the Los Angeles Superior Courts make a determination of child custody that awards child to father.

Case # 2

Canadian courts determine custodial rights to child for both mother and father, father is a California native who wants to exercise his rights and we coordinated with the Central Authority for enforcement of father’s visitation with his child.


Brazilian national has a child with a Los Angeles California resident. In fighting for his custodial rights as a father, mother alleges that father is a flight risk and will abduct the child to Brazil and that Brazil is a dangerous place for her child to be. Settlement reached out of court.


California native marries a Thai national, and the live in Singapore. The child, a daughter, was conceived in California thus giving rise to jurisdiction over the mother, who lived in Singapore at the time when she filed a custody order case. Father and child had relocated to the United States in northern California. Singapore courts determine whether or not they have jurisdiction based on several factors, most of which are in father’s favor. Case is ongoing.


Famous entertainer fathers a child out of wedlock. He is a permanent resident of the United States and a United Kingdom citizen. Mother is Australian and wants to return to Sydney with the child.  A settlement is reached whereby Father has significant time with his child and mom can live in Australia with her child.