How Not To Keep Custody – Kidnap The Kids On A Yacht In The Bahamas

A Montana mother got her children back after their father kidnapped to a yacht. Following a summer visit, the father wrongfully retained the children and began brainwashing them with his new wife. After eight months the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to capture the pair and return the children to their mother.

Authorities say Angela and James Bryant loaded the children onto their 40-foot sailboat and took off for the Bahamas — outside US waters and away from the easy reach of US law enforcement.

They were caught in March when they sailed back to Miami so Angela could fly to Hawaii to visit her parents.

The FBI was tipped off and Angela was arrested at her family’s home. Thousands of miles away in Florida, James Bryant hastily loaded his children back onto the boat and fled back to the safety of Bahamian waters. 

A Coast Guard cutter intercepted the yacht after a two-hour pursuit and the children were returned to their mother back in Montana.

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