Interstate Custody Cases Start with a Phone Call

This is from the Huffington Post,

“Crai, this is [your son's mother], I’ve decided to keep [our son] with me. He is enrolled in an excellent school. He is very happy with my decision. We’ll call you soon. He loves you.”

Adrenaline suffocated me, confirmation of my deepest fears exacerbated by anger that my voice as primary parent was so quickly assumed by my son’s mother. Feeling helpless, I vented my anger through several voicemails, though no live conversations took place during those first sleepless days.

Who notices state lines when driving throughout the USA? Perhaps we point out a welcome sign to our kids or realize our destination is within reach. But a state line becomes the border between North and South Korea when an interstate custodial dispute flares up. Suddenly, a welcome sign provokes a cold war.

This is what happens, as Crai notes, when a parenting plan is not put in place properly with court orders. This is from the first installment of his series of columns.

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